Monday, January 20, 2014

Interview with Dr. Fugen Neziroglu, Author of COH Self-Help Book

Fugen Neziroglu, Ph.D., ABBP, ABPP
(Image courtesy of Dr. Neziroglu.)
Many readers of this blog are likely to recognize Fugen Neziroglu, Ph.D. from her appearances on TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive. Dr. Neziroglu is the co-author of the first self-help book aimed at children of hoarders, Children of Hoarders: How to Minimize Conflict, Reduce the Clutter, and Improve Your Relationship. According to the publisher, the book "explores strategies for communicating with hoarder parents and outlines practical intervention skills. In addition, the book shows readers how to let go of the personal shame and guilt associated with being the child of a hoarder."

I've read the book, and I think it's a good start for discussing ways that children of hoarders (COH) might cope with their situations. While focused primarily on COH who are seeking to maintain relationships with their parent(s) who hoard, the book acknowledges that engaging with a severe hoarder can be an extremely difficult challenge, both for professionals and COH alike. Importantly, the authors are respectful towards COH who have made the difficult decision to reduce or to eliminate contact with their parents. I hope to post a review here in the coming weeks.

Children of Hoarders, Inc. recently spoke with Dr. Neziroglu about her new book and her experiences working with hoarders and with COH. For more information about the book and to read the COH interview with Dr. Neziroglu, please visit the links below: