Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hello, Edinburgh!

It has been pretty exciting to watch the number of hoarding-related support groups, task forces, and other resources go from roughly zero to, well, a bunch, over the past few years. Many of them are mentioned at places like the Children of Hoarders Inc. site and at the International Exchange on Hoarding. My own blog has been around since the summer of 2006, and I still get excited whenever I find out that someone likes something I've written, particularly when that someone is an ocean away.

A friend of mine just forwarded to me the March 2012 newsletter (815 KB PDF file) from the Compulsive Hoarding Action Group Edinburgh, a “self-help support group for individuals suffering from compulsive hoarding”, and I was absolutely tickled to learn that someone in that great city mentioned my blog:
“Hoarder’s Son” blog – hoarding from a relative’s perspective
This month we discovered a blog written by Joe, the son of a compulsive hoarder. On his site, Joe shares his personal experiences, as well as providing links to blogs written by other children of compulsive hoarders, and general hoarding information. Readers are welcome to comment on blog posts and offer support and advice to other users. “Hoarder’s Son”, and the other blogs linked provide a poignant first-hand view of life with a compulsive hoarder, and display a profound understanding of a much misunderstood problem. You can find the blog at http://hoardersson.blogspot.com/ .
Thank you for those very kind words!

The CHAnGE website has links to a range of support resources, presentations, videos, etc., and, quite aside from mentioning my blog, their newsletters have lots of good information about the latest hoarding research, interviews with support specialists, etc. You can also find CHAnGE on Facebook and twitter. I encourage all of my readers to have a look!

Note: CHAnGE’s March newsletter is not online yet; I'll share the link when it becomes available.
Update: DONE! http://www.changehoarding.org/change_newsletter_mar_2012.pdf

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CHAnGE sounds like an amazing resource!