Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dr. Suzanne Chabaud to Speak at NAPO 2013

Many people recognize Suzanne Chabaud, Ph.D. from her appearances on the A&E Television Networks' program Hoarders. She is a pioneer in studying the impact of hoarding on families, particularly its impact on adult children of hoarders. In April 2013, she will be speaking about this topic at the National Association of Professional Organizers Annual Conference and Organizing Expo. Below, Dr. Chabaud offers a brief preview of the kinds of things she will be speaking about. You can also download an abstract of her presentation in PDF format.

Thank you, Dr. Chabaud, for hearing the voices of children of hoarders and for your leadership in research!

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TC said...

Dr. Chabaud has done so much great work for COH, and I'm glad to see that she is a conference presenter.