Saturday, August 04, 2007

How Donna Spent Her Summer Vacation...

My friend, Donna, spent her summer vacation cleaning up her mother's home (with her mother's permission).

Donna made a video to show the progress.


Daniel G. McGrath said...

Good for Donna! How refreshing it is to see some progress made - and she made quite a lot of it :) I am the son of a hoarder and made a similar attempt with my mother. We didn't get past the first stack of old magazines I'm sorry to say. Makes me happy that at least someone could get something done! Best regards, Danny

Unknown said...

Hi, Donna.

I have a 15 year old sister. My mother is a Compulsive Hoarder. Our home has always been abnormally isolated (NOBODY allowed inside). As with most Hoarders, Mom plays herself to be the "Victim" when called on the carpet.

Going out of their way to diligently diagnose EACH and EVERY dysfunction of teen, DSS has YET to call parents on the carpet for the pain that they've imposed. Not trying to be argumentative; however would like to point out that unfortunately, (depending on the area) DSS isn't always as effective as one would think.

Education is the key.

I'm working on initiating a support
committee in Minnesota. I'm in search of volunteers (both Professional and Children of Hoarders). Please let me know in the event you or anyone you know is

Mailing Address:
Kids Matter
P.O. Box 209
Crookston, MN 56716