Sunday, February 19, 2012

Secret Dragon Hoard

A new addition to the blogroll: The Secret Dragon Hoard.

From the "About Me" section of the blog:
In the middle of everything including an unholy mess. Mid thirties. Depressed. Living with my mother. Who is a major hoarder. This blog is here to document my attempts to CLEAN SHIT UP. And gently try and encourage my mother to try and do the same before we are buried in here.
Stay strong! You are not alone!


Unknown said...

I haven't said thank you properly to you for this post and the support. It came at time when I really needed it.

Thank you so much.
Secret Dragon

Unknown said...

Hoarder's son, I'm enjoying your blog. Could you provide some additional subscription options? I only see the atom RSS option at the bottom and I'd like to get your posts by email. Thanks!

Hoarder's Son said...

Hi Anti-Hoarder - Thanks for the suggestion. I just added an email subscription option to the blog for you. It is now in the right-hand column of the blog, just below the "Contact Me" widget. Thanks for reading!

Hoarder's Son said...

Thanks, Secret Dragon! I enjoy your blog, and I definitely sympathize with your situation!

Tracey said...

I just finished a 17 MONTH clean up after my mom had a stroke. I moved back home in July to take care of her and finish the clear out. Sadly I feel like a TOTAL fool for sinking my money into cleaning & repairs. I've cleaned this place out MANY times and for osme reason thought "THIS" time would be different. Somehow I believed that having a functional home would give her motivation to keep it that way. Well her room is 1/2 way hoarded to the point where she's falling again. I clean, she manufactures a hoard overnight. So I'm moving back out and resolved to NEVER clean this place again.

I'm not trying to be depressing but I feel for loving COHs who donate their life to a task that for me was very futile. The love and devotion that I should've gotten as a daughter is going to the stuff as always.

At 38 I'm holding onto everything positive in my life and taking my future back so to speak. I've cleaned out my past and tomorrow is ALL mine :)

I wish you the best, this is an awesome blog...thank you for sharing!!

Hoarder's Son said...

Thanks, Tracey. Great spirit! Keep it up!